Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What a fun weekend!

We drove to Oklahoma, with Toppa and Fry in the back seat laughing, Hubs driving, and me knitting.

I might as well come clean. When the tip of a circular needle breaks and there's no us7s within a 100 mile radius, be careful with the super glue. Everything is fine, I managed to NOT be glued to the blue project, plus, I'm no longer attached to the broken part of the needle. As a bonus, the project didn't suffer from me yelping and trying to shake the glued part off of me. Toppa tried to mock me in a sisterly way. It's tough to tease someone who accepts their inner idiot.

It was just us girls and our spouses the first day and most of the morning. Then cousins arrived. Water balloon fights, treasure hunts, batmiton, miniature golf, gift bags, pointy party hats, birthday cake, we all had a blast. No one was exempt from the water fights. Sadly, I wore a shirt that didn't show wetness, and so was a target. I ducked a lot of water balloons.

We came back sans Fry who is basking in the Gran and Pop spoiling. On the ride back, I knitted up an eye mask for Toppa out of the yarn Mom gave me. Or rather, some of it. Goopa had given me the Yarn Harlot's Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much and a Knit calendar for 2006. She liked her socks, too. What's not to like? There's love in every stitch.

Once home, we vegged, and then yesterday had pizza delivery. Fry won't be happy, she loves pizza delivery. It was our belated anniversary dinner. I'd had a migraine all day that nothing would kick, and it's still a little bit here today. I'm rather sick of all the sitting around I've been doing, so I'm really wanting to ignore the headache and just do something. Getting pictures developed is high on the list.

Chelle, I have all of Mary B's Slightly series and love them. Jane Feather and Victoria Alexander are two authors I also like.


ChelleC said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Glad you all had fun. We missed you like sin. Come backkkkkkk (to knit group). It was boring without you. Okay?

Beak-Knits said...

See?? This is exactly why I always bring at least 5 projects on any trip more than two hours. Fear factor has nothing on a gal separated from her knitting due to technical difficulties!

Sounds like a fun trip.

Maenwyn said...

So when do we see a picture of the watermelon shawl?

Laura said...

I have to be there on Saturday, Chelle.

Hi Beak! I brought a ton of circs with me, just no other 7s. Mom bought me a lot of yarn for my birthday, so while we were in El Reno's Wal-mart, I had to repeat, "No new yarn."

Hi Maenwyn! You'll get to see them as soon as they're developed. I also have my Trekking sock out in the field to show off.

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