Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Two Days for the Price of One!

This was the status of yesterday. I'd tried to upload photos, had a problem and said to hell with it.

Today is a migraine day, so my patience is at a very low ebb. Grrr. The Midrin didn't work, but I'm very relaxed now. Nice, since my muscles tense with pain during one of these. Relpax is next.

Back to the picture: The blue is my June project with the supposed finished project below. The green laceweight is the last of the Shawl's yarn, with the ball to the left what I cut out. Below that is the stash accumulation from The Studio. And finally is the finished toe of my first Trekking Sock, with the KAL button to the left, now.

What did I do yesterday for three hours while watching Fry swim? This!

Half a pattern repeat on the sweater, which will be a coverup for either Toppa or Goopa, depending on who wants it. I have the same yarn in yellow, light green, and something else for others in the family. You can't tell from the picture, but I've completed the base triangles for the sock, and have done one right leaning square.

Since today is Anti-Procrastination day, I'm planting things put off for a couple weeks, and finishing the steam cleaning of the kitchen. Hoo boy!

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ChelleC said...

What are you going to do with the NOro you acquired? When did you visit the Studio? Chelle

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