Thursday, June 22, 2006

There's going to be a dry spell...

Tomorrow we leave once again for Oklahoma. A day there, then a few days in Texas, back to Oklahoma to drop off Fry, then back home.

I received yarn from Dave's Shop. Oh my gosh, it's lovely! Plus, it came with a little pack of lavender blossoms. It, like the Socks that Rock yarn, is a yarn I don't want to take the cute little label off of. I love it.

Thanks for asking about the headaches, Chelle! They come and go, plus the Dr. perscribed steriods to reduce any inflammation. It seems I've been undermedicating in an effort to not get too used to the pain meds.

There will be serious pictures posted sometime Tuesday. I know, it's in the distant future, but they'll be better than scanned or blurry little photos from an el cheapo camera. A little progress on the June's Blue shirt, a lot of progress on the Trekking sock, some incredibly bad yarn dyeing, and a decision on the Bitchin' Mittens. The theme: Diamonds in the Snow. It's coming with me on the family vacation. I'm taking at least three projects, all in the knitalongs, plus a couple of others that have waited on the backburners.

I bought a sketchbook today. Admitting that, I feel stupid. Everyone in my family, even the ones who don't think they're any good, are great artists. Even those contributing but not in the gene pool (Hubs and Bro-in-law) are very good and fantastic, respectively. I found a discount 'how to' book on drawing and painting, then some acrylic paint on sale. I already have a few canvases in the basement, along with a few of my favorite brushes. Even if it's crap, it'll be fun to swirl the paint againg.

In the meantime, I'll leave everyone with something to provoke their own inner artist.

Jackson Pollock
Pablo Picasso
Twisty fun


ChelleC said...

Doing some drawing is a great idea. I used to fool around with those "How to Draw" books when I was a teenager. And drawing and painting, like knitting, is just a creative process. How "good" the final result will be doesn't even really matter. Like Margene (Zeneedle) always says, "It's the process." And the truth is, your picture, like our knitting efforts, will probably turn out much better than you think it will.

Maenwyn said...

I draw a little, designs and things.

I liked Pollack best. That was fun. Have a nice trip

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