Monday, June 05, 2006

Quick notes on works in progress

The Trekking sock is coming along fine and faster than I'd thought. I had no size 0 US needles, so I HAD to go to The Studio after the America fest and before the park.

You won't believe it. Fry and I are roaming around the store, I get what I need and some of what I don't. We walk to the pickup and Fry exclaims, "Mom! That's your car!" Yes! It was our dear old Lemon! We knew it was our former car from the rust at the bottom of the door and my spiffy patch job on the roof. See? See? It's NOT me going to the yarn stores, my CARS take me there. I really have no choice. The pickup is even worse with all that room in the back.

We took a picture of the car formerly known as Lemon, as well as pictures of the bit of sock and walking trails at the park.

Mary won. Not that it was tough, seeing as how corruptible I am and all. She encouraged me to cut down the amount of white in the Watermelon Shawl and I have. Blocking it will be so exciting! Yes, my life is dull and I like it.

There's some serious scanning to do tomorrow, with the new sock, the shawl, and the project I've chose for June's Blue in Project Spectrum. There are pictures to scan and buttons to add.

In the "Only a Bad Mom Would Openly Laugh Department": Fry has been reading some 'haunted kids' book for young adults. It seems the kids in the story have been trying to contact spirits. This is why my little Fry wants an "Ahooooga" board for her birthday. It didn't take me long to figure out she meant Ouija, and took me longer to stop the giggles. She'll have changed her mind about what she wants a million times before then, so I'm not rushing out with a checkbook.


ChelleC said...

I can't wait to see the Watermellon shawl blocked.

Don't tease Fry - hey, I used to love to read those "spooky" books. Still do as a matter of fact! But knitting has sort of taken over my reading time. Chelle

Laura said...

Me neither! It's a slow go, but I think if I'd dedicated all the stitches on on other projects to the shawl instead, it'd be done by now.

Poor Fry. She'll be teased a little for the Ahoooga like she was for the 'Going apecrap' comment of last year. She's so darn cute.

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