Friday, June 09, 2006

The Shawl, she is done.

I've taken pictures with the non-digital camera. It's pretty big and rather cool looking. There's already a snag, I'll even it out later. The pattern is pretty easy and I'll post it after turning it into something legible. Right now, it's chicken scratches and numbers. I'll give a hint:
Row 1: k all
Row 2: k2, (2,0,1)to end, k1 Note, 2 is K2TOG, 0 is yarn over, and 1 is K1. I'll repeat 201201201 in my head as I knit. By this point, though, I don't even need to think it.
Row 3: k all
Row 4: k2, (0,1,2) to end, k1.

In other exciting news, we're making ready to leave for a couple days, the father's birthday party. Nine hours down, nine hours back of enforced sitting. What to do...what to do...? Mom has wonderfully scarfed up all the clearance yarns from Walmart, their only shopping center. She is a true artist at heart, so no uggo yarns in the stash, I'm sure.

We're taking Toppa along, which will be fun. When you get her started, she has a zany sense of humor. I'd asked her last week if she wanted us to bring any activities. She replied that she was 38 and wouldn't need anything. Sure, she was sweet about it, but I'm not going to let her play with my magnetic checkers or color in my coloring book. That'll teach her.

Right. Like I'll take one minute away from knitting. Pshaw! Although...I'm reading A Summer to Remember and really like it. Mary Balogh is one of my favorite romance authors. How do I judge a good author? When they're invisible. If I'm not distracted by odd dialogue, weird character names, or hideous cliches, it's good. Mary's 'Simply' series has a family of characters with odd names, but they all have them and for a good reason. Rather like James Herriot's series with Tristan and Sigfried.

Something else really fun...I'm in Dave's Mitten KAL. That's only three Knit-A-Longs. Not too bad. With Dave's KAL the only restriction is that the mittens must be creative. It's harder than you'd think. Still, tons of fun. I already have a few ideas to choose from. Plus, I've made and taught to make enough mittens, I don't really need a pattern. Yes, gauge swatch, no, pattern. Rather like socks are becoming to be.

Time to pack!


ChelleC said...

Have fun visiting your folks.

I love Mary Balough's books too! I haven't read them in a while. I also enjoyed a taped interview with her that RWA did several years ago. Chelle

ChelleC said...

Wah! We missed you at knit group. Hope you had a fun time with your parents. Chelle

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